Melina came from Etsy, where she was paying a listing fee, a 5% transaction fee and having to pay a percentage in shipping charges. She wanted a site that was more personal than an Etsy store, something that felt like her and her brand. Her business name Luna Lupa inspired a darker, witchy site to showcase her images and function as a platform to sell her goods!

 The first measure of a site’s analytics would be the pageviews and visits. Below is a comparison of Melina’s last month on Etsy, and her first month on her own site. Compare total views with pageviews and you’ll see that the number has grown 47% is just one month. You can also see the difference between site visits now and then - a rate of growth of 35%!

Etsy Traffic.jpg

Next, traffic sources are another important tool for the analysis of a site’s performance. In Melina’s case, her social media traffic grew from 486 visits to 998 visits. That growth rate is 105% and is amazing! The next analytic shows the breakout of her social traffic.

Etsy Traffic Sources.jpg
Traffic Sources.JPG

With Melina, she drives almost all of her traffic from Instagram. We were able to connect Shopping to her Instagram account as well, which has been directly responsible for multiple sale conversions. It had only been connected for less than a week here, but it is a powerful tool for commerce.

Etsy Social Media Analytics.jpg
LunaLupa Analytics.JPG