Stageforce is a powerful RFID inventory management software developed from the ground up for the home staging industry. Bear Branded was hired from the beginning to spearhead development of software features and implementation. This website was built and launched in the end of 2017. It was a complicated build featuring a multitude of pages and an eCommerce store, as well as a login link to the software itself.

Brought on in mid 2016 when the very first prototype of this software was conceptualized, Bear Branded took Stageforce from the initial virtual idea to a fully functioning software in a year and a half. This program incorporates physical RFID product tags, an RFID reader, and a cloud based software to track and manage inventory online. Bear Branded communicated with developers, vendors, the CEO, clients, and stagers to understand exactly what the software needed to do and how to do it. Software consulting, design, and support were all duties carried out throughout the process. Website design, accounts management, user guides, social media management, tech support, feature implementation, store management, and new client demos were daily tasks. Continue reading below for a breakout of the highlights of the Stageforce project, as well as the results.

The most successful part of the Stageforce web design project would be the natural SEO results the site currently possesses. The keywords “staging inventory system”, “rfid staging” and “home staging inventory software” currently all lead to Stageforce as the top result without using any form of Google advertisement. This is a naturally high ranking stemming from proper configuration and targeting in the back end of the site coupled with website traffic. The site has been public since December of 2017, and we have seen these results less than one year later.

SIS keyword.JPG
RS keyword.JPG
HSIS keyword.JPG

Content creation was also a large part of the Stageforce project. Most of the copy on the website was created, as well as shots from the software captured and edited. Bear Branded wrote thirty two instructional user guides on how to manage each aspect of the software. Technical writing was needed to carefully and concisely impart the information. Two guide examples are attached below. Video guides and software feature summary videos were also consulted on, and created respectively.


Bear Branded consulted on logo design and flyer design. Social media management was another component of this project, with content creation and posting to the Facebook page. A Facebook user group was also managed.

Logo SQ.jpg

Lastly, Bear Branded was responsible for the initial management and support of the alpha and beta users of the system. Once the system went public in December of 2017, Bear Branded was solely responsible for account growth of 550% in 3 months. Following the ending of the project management in March of 2018, Stageforce has gone on to be honored by RESA as the “2018 Most Innovative Product of the Year”.